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Moving and Relocation Tools

Six-Week Checklist For A Smooth Move

Official Change of Address Form

Moving is ranked among life's most stressful events.
However, with the proper planning and preparation,
you can make your next move a smooth one. 
This calendar prepared by Mayflower Transit will
serve as your "countdown" to moving day.
This section allows you to enter your change
of address info and then print your completed
Change of Address form.  Additionally, you
can use the entered information to print
Address Change Notification Letters and
mail them to family, friends, and business
associates to let them know of your move.
Your Rights and Responsibilities
When You Move
The 10 Most Forgotten Items In A Move
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
regulations protect consumers on interstate moves.
 This electronic pamphlet provides information about
your rights and responsibilities as a shipper
 of household goods.
Even the most organized person will probably not
be able to remember every detail of the move -
or every item.  This useful article from Mayflower
Transit suggests adding these 10 points to the
top of your moving preparation list.

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